Children and Youth Group

Our History

Children’s church started in 2010 at the inception of the Ugandan community church, and volunteers were running it. The main objective was to help Ugandan children in the Boston community know God at an early stage and live a Christian guided life, which isn’t taught in American schools like it is back home in Uganda.

The youths and Children’s church seeks to create an environment of young people who are rooted in God’s word and can freely share what they believe with others, and this is from 2 Timothy 2:2

“And the things that you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will be qualified to teach others.”

We have also managed to create a Christian family-oriented environment around our children in a country where many don’t have relatives like uncles, aunties, and grandparents. Young people can find people to talk to without fear in case they can’t speak to their parents. Through interacting with young people, we have managed to address some behavior that parents don’t even know were happening among their children. The children have also learned some valuable cultural values, and many who were quiet and closed in can now open up because they can trust the Christians they meet at the church every Sunday. Children have managed to form friends with like mind and parents, too, don’t feel overwhelmed parenting in this busy and “lonely” country.

How Children’s church has been run

  • Teaching Bible stories, music, and holding discussions on different life issues for older children above age 10.
  • Mentors are available to answer young people’s questions about different topics.
  • Children have performances on festive days like Christmas, Easter, Mothers and Father’s Day, church dinner, among others.
  • We conduct summer camps and picnics every year.
  • We used to invite AFIA to come and talk to the older teenagers about STDs and other dangers out there.
  • Hold frequent meetings with parents because many issues kids have mainly originate from their homes.
  • Organize Counseling sessions for parents whose children have got some challenges, as these are mainly caused by the parents without them even knowing it

Currently, youths and children’s church leaders are Mrs. Bulega and Anthony Balagade Bbosa. 

Among the first teachers were ;

Ms. Grace Kamara (the leader then), Ms Nabulime, Ms.Kabarangye (late), Ms.Sarah Kazibwe, Mrs. Margaret Kiggala, Ms. Grace Kamara, Mrs. Deborah Sentongo, Mr. Sentongo, Pastor John, Ms. Doreen Nsubuga, Miss Victoria Nabunya, Ms Allen Namugga, Ms Rhona Nakalyowa,  Mr. Anthony Balagade Bbosa, Ms.Theresa, Mrs.Helen Zziwa, Mrs.Juliet Buwembo, Mrs. Eleanor Mutumba and Mrs.Eva Bulega.