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St. Peter's Newsletter: The Voice Bible Reflection: The Book of LeviticusOctober 12, 2012

About a year ago, we explored the book of Exodus. We saw how God fulfilled His promise to rescue the children of Israel from slavery. After the rescue He put them on the road to the promised land, the land of blessing. He intended to form this rag tag band of former slaves into a kingdom of priests. A tall order indeed. But God was serious.

 The book of Leviticus is God's discipleship manual for these former slaves to mold them into the destiny God intended for them. The book gets its name from the descendants of Levi who were to be the main human players in superintending what the book specifies.

 No one can exhaust lessons that can be learned from a book of the Bible. The same holds for the book of Leviticus. We can always only scratch the surface. From the book of Leviticus we learn the following, among others:

  •  THAT a human being CANNOT be perfect before God. Human beings will fail to perfectly toe God's line in one way or another. 
         No one is good enough for God.
  • THAT a sinful human being can have fellowship with God restored only through the shedding of blood, and not through one's own effort of doing things right;
  • THAT God is interested in relationship with human beings, not in religious ritual;
  • THAT God intends that godly principles be ingrained in us so they become second nature to us, our very culture, our way of life;
  • THAT God is very concerned about justice, fairness, humaneness, magnanimity, and generosity. 

Read the book of Leviticus and learn how God endeavored to train His people into kingdom living. Then you yourself earnestly enter God's training school to be molded into a kingdom person. Have a blessed week. 
The Rev. Christine Nakyeyune-Busuulwa

St. Peter's Newsletter: The VoiceGreetings! October 5, 2012

Dear friends:I am full of joy as I greet you all. Many of you already know that my sabbatical leave ended September 05, 2012 and I am back to continue the privilege you have given me of serving you at St. Peter's Church of Uganda, Boston. I am glad to be back. I trust that you are well and that you continue on the journey of walking with Jesus. 

I have deemed it appropriate to revive the weekly newsletter that we used to produce before I went on sabbatical and which I propose we name The Voice. I invite everyone that would like to contribute articles on any subject that would encourage us on our journey with Jesus, and also in our common life as responsible human beings living together in community, to send them in. The newsletter will be coming out on Fridays. Therefore, articles to be produced in any given week, should be received at the office email address,, by Wednesday of the same week.Before I left for sabbatical we were looking at books of the Bible, book by book, right from Genesis onward. We would look at a book and reflect on its purpose and message. We had done only two books Genesis and Exodus and so next week, we will continue the series with Leviticus. 

I wish to let you know that the sabbatical I took was an eye opener for me. I spent much of my time in my studies but also I reflected on life in general and on my purpose for living. Therefore, I wish to suggest to us all to revise our schedules and programs and to portion out chunks of time to be with God. However busy you are always leave time to be with God. If you are so busy that you cannot find time at all to reflect on God, to be with Him, to talk to Him, and just to hang out with Him, then you are too busy for your own good. Your busyness will become counterproductive. I wish you all a great weekend and next week. Rev. Christine Nakyeyune